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Create & Implement a Marketing Launch Plan

Grow Your Social Media Accounts

Get Clients From Social Media

In this 12 week program,

Create Social Ripples,

you will develop and implement the skills and systems needed on social media to market your business effectively and eliminate the guessing game to save you time and money in your business.

Read what Umeda had to say about her experience

"My motivation for reaching out to Rania was that after grinding for four years, I began to feel a bit stale with running my IG community. I wanted to work with someone to help me revive and boost my creativity and eagerness to show up on social media. Rania helped me go back and review different marketing aspects and take inventory of where I am and how I can improve. I got clarity in my marketing, direction with Instagram ads, created a system for my content creation, and organized it through the Asana project management system which I use with my team. My favorite part: Rania! I love Rania's personality, her energy, her straightforwardness, her confidence and her grit. I love her passion for good marketing. I love how much she cares about her clients. I absolutely loved meeting with Rania on a regular basis. I've already recommended Rania to a couple of people and I can confidently say that she will take good care of the people I refer to her. The accountability with the program was wonderful. I love that Rania kept me on track with my assignments."
The Dua Journal, USA


Results from working with Rania

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Mindset & Business Coach, UK
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Beauty Entrepreneur, CANADA/LEBANON
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Birth Coach, UK
Working with Rania has been extremely helpful! As a new business owner, I knew I needed to step up my marketing but I didn’t know where to start. Rania was able to break it down for me and highlight the most important areas that I should be focusing on. She gave me a clear roadmap of how to be successful in my business and guided me through it. Not only is Rania great at marketing, she is super kind and friendly throughout the whole process. I loved how she always checked in to make sure everything was going well and to offer support. I definitely recommend her and look forward to continuing to work with her.
Kathleen Marie in Red Dress
Designer, USA
Before working with Rania I was confused about many technical aspects of online marketing and needed guidance. My biggest problem was turning my followers into clients. Now I feel more empowered and knowledgeable about online marketing while providing value and growing my online marketing strategy. I even saw an improvement in my revenue. Working with Rania showed me how ethical and value-driven she is. She is super supportive and is there to help every step of the way.
Online Dietician, UK/LEBANON
I had been struggling on my own on how to manage my business and social media. I wasn't 100% clear on who I was targeting. I now have a clear idea of how to take the steps necessary to get results with social media. I have learned how to reach and communicate with my ideal customer AND how to create content that fits what my ideal customer is looking for. I loved having the 1:1 meeting and follow up in between meeting as well have the helpful learning tools and resources provided in the program. I would recommend Rania to my friends without thinking twice about it.

Online Entrepreneur, CANADA
My biggest struggle within my business was attracting any clients through social media. Since I joined the program, I have started discovering what my ideal clients are looking for and how they can find value in my programs. I needed direction before joining the program and now I know what kind of posts I should be making on my Instagram, how to identify and address different pain points of my ideal customers. I have become more comfortable in doing stories. The first feature I liked the most is I could always go back and listen to the recordings of our session. The second feature I liked was I could get help on whatever issue I faced as we went along the program. I would recommend the program to a friend because Rania’s going to tell you EXACTLY what to do with your business account. I was able to always get answers to anything I asked.
Fitness Coach, PAKISTAN
I was having a tough time approaching clients and wasn't sure about the pricing of my coaching services.  I felt alone and needed moral support to believe more in my capability of the message I am delivering. With Rania's help,  I am so eager now to say the price for my coaching package is this, and I feel it to be so reasonable. She also helped me realize I was spending a lot on applications and subscriptions that weren't serving me or my clients. I am now confident in targeting one specific client that serves me and the way I do business.  I no longer need to change my coaching style to please people, because I know that I am offering something special. Rania was always like an anchor for me, and still, she is even after the program. It’s too early now to talk about the results as I have just finished and I think tangible results take time to converge, however from an intangible perspective I am ok to not target everyone and find my messengers of change who will take my message to the next step. Rania is very knowledgeable and organized, and her confidence makes her secure and she’s so ok and happy to see me shine. She also sent me a video birthday greeting and it was such a touchy surprise to me and to my mother too! You will never regret working with Rania, so kind, knowledgeable, and what you’ll need. Amazing support and amazing accountability.
Family Relationship Coach, UAE

Let's hop on a short call to see what is possible for you with this program

Check out the questions that we're asked before joining CSR

I get it. When I make a purchase this question crosses my mind a 1000 times. The way you’re feeling is completely normal.

With the Create Social Ripples program, you are guaranteed to have an increase in online exposure and have the right system in place to double your revenue if you do the work. I’ll be there along the way, holding you accountable each week to get your work done so that you can get results. With the step-by-step, hand-holding implementation, and the tools that you can get from the bonuses, you are set up for getting results. I got you. 😉

Sometimes with selling, being camera, or anything we fear, the way we think about will make the biggest impact on us. The program is geared to keep you taking action even if you have a limiting belief. I will be there every week on our coaching calls AND I’ll be available to you for personal support on your assignment for the week. This leaves no room for you to put down any excuses and try to convince yourself to play small. The big leagues are where we’re going.

Most definitely you should be growing your following, but in the world of business us entrepreneurs need to be working in parallel to get things going at the beginning. What you will learn in the coaching program is exactly what you need to start growing your following while leading your followers to a sale.

To start off, I actually have university teaching experience and I am used to breaking down my knowledge into bite sized digestible pieces to help others understand faster and in a more simplified way. I am certified and have been in the industry since 2011. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeves and I am dying to show you them.

If you can put aside a couple of hours a day to grow your business by giving it exposure and fueling it with the sales you get then you have time for the program. The coaching calls, worksheets, and guides, will give you a step-by-step action guide that will save you time. You will no longer be wasting time wondering what you should be working on because you will already have it mapped out for you for your marketing

It is an added value benefit for you to learn as a skill. It is something to add to your toolbox. With growing an online presence you will need to invest in paid traffic and/or organic traffic. In the program, essentially my focus is via organic methods but depending on the platform and your goals the organic marketing methods aren’t as instant as running a Facebook Ad. 

When you decide to invest in your business, you can click Apply Now and you will be directed to an appointment scheduler for us to chat for 30 minutes. You will answer a couple of questions about your business and choose a time that fits your schedule. You can ask what questions you have about the program and I will make sure if you are a good fit or not. No one enters the program if I can’t help them. 


After that, you will make the payment transfer based on the payment plan you choose. Once the payment is received you will get a link to set up our kickoff meeting to set the goals and all the details up for the next 8 weeks.


Social Media Marketing Can Help Me Get Massive Exposure And Clients? Great! Now What?

💻 You open up your laptop and then realize, “Where do I start?”. You go on and open up YouTube and Google to see how to create your own strategy and end up watching a video about hashtags. Time wasted. ⏰

You’ve even committed to making a brain dump list of ideas, but find that you are creating the same list over and over again. You probably have a content calendar filled with ideas but have yet to implement any of them.

Even with the biggest intentions, in times like these, most beginner entrepreneurs don’t know what to do to move the needle in their business, allowing competitors to continue to scale while they remain paralyzed and in the same spot. If you’re wondering: Should I sell or should I wait or should I shift? If this is you, book in a call below. 👇👇👇

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I'll be there every step of the way by your side and walking you through it every step of the way to make sure you get the results you signed up for



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